Our Mission

We have created a magnetic wall adapter attachment targeted for parents of newborn children as well as folks with physical disabilities and mobile limitations to reduce electrocution and tripping hazards, respectively. Specifically, in-home accidents account for nearly 70% of childhood deaths by electrocution annually. Something as abundant and vital to our everyday lives as electricity should be made as safe as possible for consumers to use. The death of a child, like any loss, is profound and unfathomably painful. By transforming the way power is delivered to everyday appliances, we are striving to create safer spaces for children to grow up in. With this product, we are focusing on creating a new mechanism for wall outlets that revises an outdated piece of technology since it improves their safety and ease of use. Tego’s patent-pending technology aims to help enable those with physical limitations and disabilities to become more self-sufficient and eliminate wall outlet-related electrocution incidents which leaves parents of newborn and young children with a piece of mind.

The Tego Team

Chirag Goel

Brian Murphy
Business Manager

Keith Weissman
Marketing Manager

Natalie Gurganus
Product Manager

Avery Schwartz
Software Manager

Ferdy Salmons
Software Developer

Daniel Ibrahim
Business Team Member

Erik Marlow
Business Team Member

Ximena Castillo
Marketing Team Member

Deniz Yoruk
Engineering Team Member

Derek Sha
Engineering Team Member

Naol Worku
Engineering Team Member

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