The Tego magnetic safety wall outlet reduces the risk of electrical injury, protecting both children and adults.


Magnetic Connection

With our magnetic safety wall outlets, powering your life has never been easier! No more struggling to line up prongs or to push a plug into the wall socket.

Our magnetic break-away technology provides a safe and secure connection while virtually eliminating any tripping hazard from long cords!

Peace of Mind

Fits Securely Over Standard Wall Outlets

Our safety wall outlet can be easily secured to the wall, safely covering the dangerous and antiquated outlet underneath.

We make sure to protect against every possibility of electrical injury.

Always Protective

Internal Spring-Loaded Guard

Our safety mechanism utilizes a spring-loaded plate inside the adapter that forms a barrier preventing anything from being put inside the outlet.

This child-safe technology keeps out any object including forks, paper clips, and pins, making accidental electrical injury essentially impossible.

Imagine the relief of knowing that your children are protected from electrocution at all times.

Power safely, today.

Tego is a team creating revolutionary, patent-pending magnetic wall outlet technology designed with safety, accessibility, and convenience at the forefront.

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